Sunday, June 5, 2016

5/29/16-6/3/16: North!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So ... another trip north, again to catch up with the folks. Except, this one was special -- super special, in fact, for it marked my return to being a van-dwelling road-warrior extra-awesome nomad.

First stop: a gym along the way.

On the surface, this yoga-spot wouldn't seem like much, just a layover in the parking lot of the nearest location of my gym chain when I was ready to stop for the night. Though, note that laying over in a parking lot requires a layover-mobile, which would be my new-for-me van; and, likewise, it requires the status of van-dwelling nomad, of which mine is now officially restored (I have my license and everything). Hence, the super-specialness. And yes, I know this would all be ridiculously easy for most folks (okay, 99.9% of folks), but I'm playing this game with some weird handicaps, and after a lot of unexpected obstacles and disruptions and other rigmarole. So forgive my seemingly misplaced excitement.

There, I stayed, without incident, thus christening my minivan as a bona fide extra-awesome road-warrior nomad-mobile. And the next morning, I yoga'd in the facility's comfortable stretch area. Success!

Next stop: the NC mountains.

Not much to say, here. I stayed with the folks awhile (still in the van, but now a bit less nomadic, with the promise of a parking space every night), and for the few days of my visit, I yoga'd to idyllic scenes similar to that captured above. Once again: success (albeit of a highly mundane kind).

I overnighted at another parking space on the way back south, in Winston-Salem, NC, but alas: circumstances and time constraints forbade my yoga'ing there, not even a single, photo-allowing asana. So, no picture, because I hold to my own rules, even when it means depriving my huge numbers of steady readers. But that's okay. If you want some Winston-Salem in your mind's eye, just picture a big, spread-out non-metropolis with lots of history and a grid of cleverly named streets.

Okay, so this post is, like most of this blog, deserving of the "it was notable for me" disclaimer. But, well ... it was notable for me. I love my mundane/extraordinary travels. I love my life.