Monday, October 31, 2016

10/29/16: Florence -- South Carolina, Not Italy

Or, not Italy yet. I'd like to yoga it up in the Italian counterpart one day.

I had some business in Florence, SC, and so I spent the day there, my first time in the place -- a pleasant little escapade, as it were. I drove around. I bought some things. I saw the sights. I met some folks. It was a good day, and when it was through, I retired to a new (to me) Anytime Fitness location, for a workout and some yoga, and some van-camping in its parking lot.

A short trip, but a good one. I loved it (or, rather, love it). Thanks for some memories, Florence. Maybe I'll be back sometime.

Monday, October 17, 2016

10/6-7/16: North Again (Again (Again (Again))) ...

I went North again.

Yep, same destination, same route, same old dance. I dodged Hurricane Matthew, this trip did accomplish that; but it was the only difference from my past migrations.

So I won't post any pictures, or even elaborate any further. Just: North. That is all.