Friday, December 18, 2015

11/24/15-12/12/15: Grounded

No, not grounded like coffee, nor a properly-wired outlet.

These last few weeks, I've been grounded like a disabled plane (or a misbehaving child, I suppose). That is, I've conducted my yoga entirely in private, and in the same spot (the secluded, window-shaded living room of that marsh-side trailer I seem so fond of, a total one-eighty from the summer months). Why has my quest for public yoga in interesting spots been put on hold? It's complicated. Or, I guess, quite simple: sometimes, life enters a rough chapter, and practicalities overtake such luxurious ventures.

As it were, the wandering yogi's life has just undergone such a scene-change, and it succeeded in disrupting his campaign.

But, then again, disruption is not conclusion. The story of one's life has many chapters, and a rough one does not mean the story is over. As I hinted at upon selling Kalki the RV, perhaps this yogi shall someday wander again.

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