Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2/4-8/16: Another Visit with the Family

Three different yoga-spots (a hotel, then my parents' spare bedroom, then another hotel, respectively as pictured), spread out across five days:

Okay, so I've made this trip (from the beaches of South Carolina to the mountains of North Carolina) many times ... and posted about it many times ... and this one wasn't much different, other than being even less interesting than those previous, if only out of sheer repetition. So why post about it at all?

Good question.

The answer, I guess, touches on pretty much the underlying ethos of this whole blog: to say, quite simply, that I was There, in that mystical, elsewhere space inhabited by all actively traveling travelers, both great and not-so-much. And even though my recent travels have been beyond mundane (to anyone not me, at least), it still seems appropriate to report on them, for what those reports are worth (whatever their worth).

And so it is: my mundane trip to see my mundane family in mundane locales where I performed mundane, shut-in yoga -- reported! Give me my trophy and call the papers. Amen.

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