Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/21-23/16: Doing the Charleston

Last week, I had business in Charleston, SC, which saw me doing some more of my cowardly, indoor yoga there. Well, this week I went back, on the same business, in the same hotel, and just as unpublic and unexciting as before.

What was different this time? Nothing, except that it was remarkably colder (low-thirties with some snow flurries when I left, compared to a summery sunny and mid-seventies last time). Oh, and this latest visit's picture was taken from the outside (because that makes it interesting, right?).

Okay, so this post is as flat and sucky as those of the last couple months. Well, I'll once again try to compensate with a quasi-interesting picture I took this morning before departing the Charleston area. Yes, that's a pair of sneakers set conspicuously in an empty parking space, just visible in the middle -- a scene which struck me as oddly sad, and a little poignant in its own way (imagine them there on the cold, snowy, Poe-like morning mentioned above). How'd they get there, and what was the leaver's intent (assuming they weren't simply forgotten or misplaced)? Alas, I shall never know (unless their owner responds to this blog post, I guess).

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