Saturday, January 2, 2016

12/24/15: Sleeping Inn (aka, "Intentionally Bad Pun Yoga")

I recently stayed at a particular Sleep Inn in western NC. Heading back through there on Christmas Eve, I stayed there again.

So, after a good night's sleep (and a good morning of sleeping INN, nyuck nyuck nyuck), I yoga'd there. The yoga, too, was good, both because I'd not done any the day previous due to travel mishaps, and because my yoga of the 23rd had been constrained to those asanas which can be performed within the tiny space of a conversion van. Though, the van-yoga was, oddly, a little more satisfying than the comparatively royal setting of this session. Maybe because of the van's "guerrilla" element. Maybe just because I was a bit groggy from sleeping INN so late ... (no more puns, I promise).

And, for those who long to know: no Santa sightings. (Does Santa do yoga? The big belly might make it hard, but the baggy suit would be pretty yoga-friendly.)

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