Monday, January 4, 2016

12/28-31/15: Hotel Yoga

No, it's not some trendy yoga-themed resort in California. Rather, I just yoga'd in a couple more hotels.

Not much to be said about these sessions (even less so than others). I was on the road again, and, again, en route between the Carolinas, on a post-Christmas escapade. My first stop was in a Holiday Inn, in which I once more forgot to take a picture; the second, a little strip-style brick motel (room pictured above, because I somehow remembered to snap it). An elderly, low-cost non-franchise that I felt Compelled to stop into, the latter one could've been described as either a 50's-style relic or a Bates-style dive, depending on your attitude and perspective. In any case, I was not attacked while showering there (nor at the Holiday Inn of the previous stopover, as it were).

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