Tuesday, July 28, 2015

7/25: Junkyard Inspiration

Yoga in a junkyard -- and I loved it!
I'd had some work done on Kalki (the RV I live in), and my servicing mechanic was kind enough to allow me to camp on the premises afterward, as a nice little bonus to the transaction. It felt like getting a fortune cookie after a meal, sort of.

The garage, nestled on a quiet, low-traffic lot below a minor road,  proved a pleasant host for me and Kalki. It even had a nice, private parcel for me to do my morning yoga, in the small junkyard pictured here. With it being a Saturday morning and the garage being closed, the space was especially meditative, like a weird garden. As it were, that day's yoga was one of my more enjoyable sessions.

Look at me, I thought then, mid-asana in the junk-garden. Doing yoga in audience of two rusted trucks and an orphaned axle.

I chuckled ... and then had another thought: Why not take a picture and post it online, to share my interesting yoga-spot?

And so this blog was born.

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