Thursday, July 28, 2016

7/26/16: Back to the Beach

Time to break the chain of "travel-yoga" posts that have dominated this blog for some time now, with one of a "just plain yoga"-type -- back to this blog's "roots," if intangible objects can have such things.

Yes, technically I've been "back" to the SC coast for the past year, off and on. However, my recent yoga here has been confined to my lodgings, which is a world apart from being performed on the actual beach -- like I used to do nearly every morning, but from which I'd fallen dangerously out of habit.

But not the morning of the 26th. Then, spontaneously, I went back, Schwarzenegger-style.

And thus was the panorama awaiting me. Tourist-filled, highly warm, and a bit more humid than I'd like -- but no less wonderful for it. For whatever reason, this session was particularly magical. Maybe it was just my frame of mind, with my long-time absence making me that much fonder of the beachfront; maybe it was the negative ions that are reportedly given off by seawater. Regardless, my yoga was something like transcendent, the kind that leaves a good psychic taste in one's figurative mouth.

In a word: marvelous. Thanks, God.

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