Monday, July 11, 2016

7/4-8/16: Like a Rolling Stone

You might think that, after my traveling crosscountry (in a Horny Manta Ray, no less), even a wandering yogi might settle down and rest for a while.

Not this yogi.

Okay, so I didn't turn right around and re-cross the country, for this trip was only a little business/pleasure digression between the two Carolinas, spanning a short distance in a relatively long time (several hundred miles over the course of five days). And, I did technically rest for a spell before heading back onto the road. But, still: I did wander, and sooner than might be expected, given my little marathon of yester-week.

I wandered, and yoga'd.

First yoga-spot: the top of Mt. Everest. (Rimshot) Actual first yoga-spot: the Raleigh/Durham Triangle, and another Anytime Fitness, my partner in crime these days (whatever bizarre type of crime I'm committing, that is). Yeah, really: I'm reporting more uneventful yoga in another uninteresting place (or, at least, uninteresting to most inhabitants of USA, Planet Earth). But then, that's sort of become the ethos of this blog: repetitive, uninspired, non-wowing. Dare I say, even, that this is my blog's appeal?!?

Well, keeping with that theme, I forgot even to snap a picture of my uninteresting yoga-place. And this time, I won't even provide a cute little Photoshopped substitute. (Again, to be fair: my overnight at this gym was interesting for me, as to be distracting enough to make me once more neglect my one, simple obligation to this blog. So sue me, eh?)

As for the next stop, however, I do have a picture -- though this one, too, is of an Anytime Fitness storefront, also from the Triangle area (just a different corner of it, where I washed up after some more wandering). And, once again: there's much to say about my stay at this gym ... but only if you're me. To anyone else, my delightful overnight adventure would just come off as "blah blah blah" and the like, the way adults sounded to Charlie Brown and co. So I'll spare you all but the picture, which I somehow remembered (though that's about all that can be said for it).

So, moving along the timeline of my trip: the next day, 7/6, was spent at yet another Anytime Fitness (and it wasn't even that far from the last, still in mid-North Carolina -- there are just that many in the area, as it were). That's #3 for this trip, if you've lost track (or, you just really get off on keeping tabs on such figures). Did I face peril, adversity, and certain death during my overnight at this one? No; just yoga and dinner and a good hot shower (and a comfy couch to do my computer work on). Nor did I undertake the unspeakable chore of taking a picture. (That's omitted picture #2 so far, for you tabs-keeping freaks.)

Now, for the fourth night of this strange little escapade, some change: on 7/7, I did my van-camping thing in ... an office-complex parking lot! (Dun-dun-duh!!!) Note that I said "some change," not "exciting change." And, as if this one couldn't be less notable: it wasn't even a new parking lot, but one I'd stayed at before, when visiting a doctor who's a tenant there. But all is well, my dear reader, because I'll make up for it all with a picture. Prepare for an eye-feast.

Did that bad boy fill you up, eye-wise? I hope so, because the fifth and final night of my outing went unpictured, also. Not that it really matters so much, for the night was spent at a family-owned spot in the NC mountains, which I've pictured here too much already.

So. There's my latest trip. For all the flatness it assumes when written down, I had a ridiculously good time, and wouldn't trade the experience for the world (and I am not being the least bit sarcastic here). As for you, make of it what you will; I won't try and inject interest into this post by elaborating (plus, my fingers are refusing to type "Anytime Fitness" anymore.)

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