Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8/10: Riverfront Meadow

Oh, I'm really spoiling myself now. Three days in idyllic, peaceful settings -- it's the end of the world, or something.

I was still in the western NC mountains, but now farther south, and in a valley, with un-mountainly heat. But heat was okay, for the heavenly meadow made me forget all about it. Sited between a whispering riverfront and the attractive outbuilding which housed my lodgings for the night, today's yoga-spot was rather ideal, even more so than the last two. I sat. I stretched. I listened to the water flow. Traffic noises were nonexistent, until a freight train passed on the nearby tracks (but even this was enriching, for I'd never seen an active train up close).

If I keep going this way, I'll never set foot in a parking lot again (even just to park).

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