Thursday, August 13, 2015

8/12-13: Econolodging

I didn't plan it this way, really.

The last two nights, I stayed at two separate Econolodge hotels, in two separate towns; but it was only by chance that this came to be. Not one for too much planning, I left my family's yesterday (in my car, leaving Kalki parked) without hotel reservations; it just so happened that, when it came time to find a room these last two nights, the most convenient and appealing hotels were Econolodges. Both had yoga-friendly grass plots (which were noisy and public enough to break me of my recent spoilage for serenity); and, interestingly, both were within earshot of an active railway (just like the 10th's locale, as it were -- three train-adjacent overnights, almost sequentially, without even trying). As for my yoga sessions at these twin hotels (which weren't so identical, really, given that one room was unexpectedly luxurious and the second rather average), they were successful and fulfilling despite their "imperfection," thus rekindling my faith in (and enjoyment of) the less-than-wonderful.

As I stretched and meditated to the sounds and smells of passing traffic, it brought a strange sense of ahhhh.

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