Sunday, August 9, 2015

8/8-9: Generous Family

For these two days, I indulged in another spot conducive to yoga: the yard of some family members, this time.

On a relatively secluded mountaintop in the Appalachians of western NC, the property is wonderfully rural and quiet (or so it is now, after its neighboring homes are no longer rented to college students). So these days' yoga had it all: grass, seclusion, silence -- and, unlike 8/7's park, some sunshine, even. What's more, I progressed in one of my asana's, at last able to touch my forehead to my big toes. On top of it all, I got to reconnect with family (who are used to seeing me bouncing on a rebounder and doing solemn-looking yoga stretches every morning).

Those were good days.

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