Thursday, September 3, 2015

9/2/15: Roadside Attraction

Last month, I discovered a friend's garden as a lovely yoga-spot. Today, I intended to repeat that experience; but it didn't quite turn out that way.

When I arrived, ready to raid the garden, I was informed that it had been sprayed for mosquitoes in the night, leaving it reeking with fumes (to the owner's chagrin and indignation). So I was directed just across the street, to where no such spraying was performed. It, too, was a fine spot, for all its commonality. And, sure enough, no fumes. I pitched my mat.

My session was satisfyingly good, if without much sun. And, I discovered an amusing anecdote: positioned between the two trees, I was invisible to motorists until they would pass that certain spot. I could imagine their reaction, being surprised by a half-naked man doing yoga beside a foliage-covered fence (for a golf resort, as it were). Probably their first such encounter along this quiet neighborhood road, I'd bet.

To anyone I startled, I apologize. I was just dodging some pesticides.

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