Thursday, September 3, 2015

9/3-4/15: Son of the Beach

Yeah, this post's title is shamelessly corny. I couldn't help myself.

On the morning of the 3rd, the beach beckoned despite my just having been, luring me out with some hazy sunshine that allowed generous sun exposure while throttling back the heat. But, can you really get too much early-morning beach?

I enjoyed this beach-yoga especially. Maybe because of the total lack of radios, vehicles, or other noise pollution; maybe because the session was just that nourishing. I don't really question these things too deeply.

Booming surf. Peaceful people. Clean air. I was happy.

Same goes for the 4th, when I returned, my beach-yen not yet fulfilled. Then, I was met with pristine, postcard-worthy weather, though this came at the cost of more people, heat, and noise. A devil's bargain, certainly, but it failed at sullying my enjoyment.

 * * *

And here's a little non-yoga anecdote, encountered on my way home from the beach on the 3rd:

Show this to your favorite senior and say, "Hey, if you're sellin', they're buyin'."

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