Sunday, October 25, 2015

10/15-21/15: Back to the Mountains

Recall "The Yard" and "The Gym," those two haunts of mine up in the mountains of western North Carolina, seen so frequently in this blog as of late. Well, this last week, they comprised the scenes of my yoga sessions.

It's why you're getting a picture of the rolling Appalachians and their peaking leaves, rather than a rehashing of the same old scenes I've plastered this blog with already.

Again, the yogi's whereabouts aren't too speculative, lately. And, again, I have excuses ... but, really, it just comes down to a desire for the routine and the easy. My present life-circumstances just haven't been too conducive to adventure or bold experimentation; and, personally, such a downturn in general energies tends to attract me to the ordinary and predictable.

Then again, everything goes in cycles. Who knows what the future might hold?

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