Monday, October 5, 2015

10/2-3/15: Another Gym

Well, maybe "another" is too kind: it was the same one I've visited several times lately, that cloistered little purple-carpeted stretching area, back in my hometown (because I've looped back "home" again, presently).

There's nothing left to say about yoga-ing in this gym, other than that, unlike the others in my string of indoor sessions, this one was truly a result of weather (don't be fooled by the recycled picture: it was violently rainy, the sun nowhere to be seen). I was every bit willing to outdoor-park it up, today, if not for the curious, miniature monsoon that is gripping the East Coast at the moment.

(Recycled-picture excuse: the gym hasn't changed a lick, other than its dearth of sunshine. That, and I forgot my phone in Kalki ...)

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