Monday, October 5, 2015

9/29-10/1/15: I Do Love AirBnB

Yes, I am a fan of the quasi-nomad thing, living in Kalki the RV and bumming about the place. But, car travel appeals to me about equally, which goes double when AirBnB is thrown into the equation.

An adorable, antique cottage in Winston-Salem, NC, this time. Though the place lay nestled in the heart of the city, you'd never know it, from the property's rural serenity. I had planned on yoga'ing about the town, to break my indoors streak if nothing else, but one look at the wood-floored living room and its warm, shaggy rug, and I knew I'd be a recluse for the new few sessions. And I was, and they were wonderful, even progressive. A fine place to inch forward in my yoga, I say.

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