Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10/5/15: Ceiling Yoga

Okay, so this post's title is a bit misleading (or, actually, it's an outright lie). I can't do yoga on the ceiling (yet ...).

The picture is, rather, just what I see when doing yoga in the living room of that beach-front property I keep circling back to. For want of posting yet another boring snapshot of the living-room tableau, as it were. (And yes, it would seem the wandering yogi isn't wandering so much, as of late. I did, at least, have a really good excuse for staying inside, today: I'm in the middle of the SC coast, and the one road leading to my current residence is flooded out.)

Anyway, it was a good session, despite the familiar setting. And, good yoga is good yoga, I say.

(And, as for yesterday? Another "no time, had to skip it.")

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