Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10/8-14/15: Relapse

I've relapsed into my private, indoor-yoga addiction. Hard.

Sure, on one or two days this week, I had a good excuse for staying in -- weather, time constraints, feeling unwell, etcetera. The rest? I just craved privacy and comfort, and gave in to that craving. Simple as that. These days, I can see the draw of the hermit's life; without obligation or appointment or need for extravagance, it's so easy to just slip into the moment and bliss out, sheltered from the world's great many noises. Add to that that I've just been more reclusive in general lately, as well as my relative settling-down for almost two weeks here at the beach, and, well ... the wandering yogi hasn't been wandering too much.

Where is the yogi? Easy: right yonder in that there living room.

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